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Season 2019/2020


As I write this introduction, the zeitgeist is apparently one of major shifts. The sense of injustice, the lack of solidarity and respect for other people have led some to challenge or even reject any form of organization and established representation, which in turn has brought about a myriad of incomprehension, intolerance, violence and regression.  A profound and urgent longing for something else is sweeping society. We need to change our outlook and not fear the unknown while safeguarding our democratic principles, liberties and the variety of expressive forms. The vital need to uplift our lives, imagine new utopias and build new ways to live together is at the very core of the creative process that artists are engaged in.  Artists, in their own way, are always the keen observers of the world, warning us of the big issues staring us in the face.
National ballets, prominent companies and more personal endeavors from fifteen countries let us admire the beautiful diversity of the world and the unrelenting ability of artists and poets to ignite and rekindle our imagination:
• Philippe Decouflé kicks off the season with a retrospective of the milestones of his journey, taking over the stages and spaces of Chaillot with over 40 performers of all generations.
• In October, Chaillot teams up with Festival d’Automne in Paris and Théâtre de la Ville for the centennial of Merce Cunningham’s birth, with a series of events, including the unique evenings featuring the Ballet de l’Opéra national de Paris, London Royal Ballet and Opera Ballet Vlaanderen, for the first time on the Vilar stage.
• Between January and June, experience reinvented realities and explore spaces and imaginary worlds that are surprising but always exhilarating and very festive.
• Come celebrate in January too, with the 4th flamenco art Biennale, which features original works and a few surprises!
• In April and May, José Montalvo brings his new piece to Chaillot for a major comeback.
• Finally, in June, the Africa 2020 season begins. Chaillot invited astonishing artists from this fabulous continent. To illustrate our brochure, we reached out to Ben Zank, a young and talented New York-based artist whose photographs reshape our perception of bodies through the staged interaction of surrealism and burlesque.
Chaillot is a place of creation, freedom, debate and social interaction where associate and guest artists, permanent staff and additional staff work daily to welcome you and share with you our marvels and quest for a world we wish to be varied and conducive to solidarity.
They say 20 years old is the best age in life. I wish those who will turn 20 during this season a happy birthday. With them, let’s keep the promises of a new century, a new millennial, and try together to fill the world with joy.

Happy season,

Didier Deschamps, general manager